Materials needed:
1 hand towel 
1 strip of fabric 

1. Cut hand towel in half 
2.  Cut a strip of fabric that is a wide as the hand towel and as long as the width of
     the fabric. Remove selvedges from fabric. 
3. With right side together, sew or serge half of the towel to each end of the strip of
4. Fold the strip in half, right sides together and sew or serge from where the towel 
    is attached at one end to the towel attached at the other end. (DO not stitch the towel sides together.) 
5. Turn right side out. Fix so seam is in the center and press. 
6. Stitch across top of towel where it is sewn/serged to the fabric.
7. * If you would like less bulk at the neck area, you can fold about 12 inches at the
      center of the fabric strip into thirds and stitch together.